Affordable. Elegant. Secure.

Affordable. Elegant. Secure.

A fully welded, solid steel security door, zinc plated, powder coated and oven-baked, with a five-year warranty and a sensible price tag is hard to find. Congratulations, you’ve just found it.

Photo of a heritage style steel security door


You will find our prices highly competitive, especially considering the quality we deliver – quality of both product and installation. We measure, then custom-make and install using professional installers. That’s why we can offer our five year warranty on both the installation and the door.


Photo of a 'Beacon Cove' SecurityDoor

Our comprehensive range, which includes a truly vast choice of Dulux colours and special finishes (currently around 200) ensures we’ll have a design solution that’s spot-on for your property style, whether Modern, Contemporary, Classical or Heritage.

A Mesh to Suit Your Needs

Close-up photo of Tuff Mesh structure

Tuffmesh – The strands in Tuffmesh are almost double the diameter of standard aluminium mesh, making it ideal for high traffic areas, perfect around lively children and pets.

Stainless Steel – Coastal and bush fire prone areas need super strong, corrosion resistant mesh. Our stainless mesh delivers both, while using the finest wire diameter available, allowing a clear unobstructed view through.

The Ordering Process

Steel Security door ordering process infographic
Photo of a heritage style steel security door
Photo of Vision Gard security mesh detail


Our doors are absolutely made for the job. Our single-point locking and triple lock systems offer the highest level of security and quality.

Vision Gard Security Door
Limited Vision Mesh from outside
Photo of the internal view through a door fitted with a security door with Visiongard mesh
Limited Vision Mesh from inside

Limited Vision Mesh (DVA) – If you want to see without being seen, this mesh is the answer. Vision Mesh limits visibility into the property, while maintaining the view out.

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The Ordering Process

Steel Security door ordering process infographic

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